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Featured photo Yellow Spotted Millipede
Species details
Common name: Yellow Spotted Millipede
Scientific name: Harpaphe haydeniana
Other names: Almond-scented millipede, Cyanide millipede
Family: Xystodesmidae
Origin: Native
Status on Vashon: Common

The Yellow-Spotted Millipede is a common millipede found in the moist forests of Vashon. Its range is along the Pacific coast, from Southeast Alaska to California.

The body of this millipede is black, and is distinctively marked along the sides with patches of a yellowish color. It has approximately twenty body segments, bearing a total of 30 (males) or 31 (females) pairs of legs.

It is an important part of the forest ecosystem, breaking down leaf litter, and freeing up its nutrients for other organisms. It has the ability to secrete hydrogen cyanide when threatened, so has few predators. Nonetheless, at least one species, the ground beetle Promecognathus laevissimus, is a specialized predator of the Yellow-Spotted Millipede.


More details: Encyclopedia of Life Wikipedia
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